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Imagine by devonluggage.com

Imagine by devonluggage.com

Looking for the best way to experience a major city in Europe, Middle East and/or the USA? How about taking a walk through history? Sandemans New Europe offers FREE walking tours in 18 different cities. You will spend 1-3 hours walking through one of these cities with enthusiastic guides, passionate about the city they’re representing. In fact, these tour guides only work off of tips! This guarantees that the guide you receive is genuinely passionate about sharing their knowledge and providing the best value to their audience.

As a travel enthusiast, I’ve taken advantage of these free walking tours in Amsterdam, London, Prague, Dublin and Jerusalem. I can honestly say I’ve never been disappointed, and have truly enjoyed their humorous and entertaining way of sharing the history behind these cities. I can even say that even after going on the Dublin and London walking tour in March! Not to mention, these guides know these cities so well that even in the busiest times of the year, they’ll get you the best view of some of the most popular tourist attractions.

You can always count on these tours to occur at least twice a day, rain or shine. Their website, http://www.neweuropetours.eu, describes the various tours available, the places they’ll take you, and how long they run. While you can always show up at the specified time without any sort of reservation, you can also reserve your spot online (if you are a control freak like me!). You may have to pay a very minimal fee to reserve online, but when the summers are packed with travelers, this can sometimes save you time and put you first in line.

While their main focus is to provide free walking tours, they also offer other tours for very reasonable prices. Many times, they’ll offer tours that relate to a specific event or time period in that city. For instance, to learn more first hand about the infamous Jack the Ripper murders, a Sandemans tour guide offers a very cool and spooky Grim Reaper tour that retraces the Jack the Rippers murders (for those looking for something unique). These guides always have a way of bringing out the fun and uniqueness of a city.  They also offer pub crawls in each city, which are a must. The local bars will allow you an authentic peek into these cities while mingling with other travelers and locals.

Sandemans walking tours have sincerely been a wonderful addition to my international itineraries, and I can’t wait for them to add additional cities to their footprint.

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