Tobogganing in Switzerland

Have you heard of this sport called tobogganing? Unless you have been to Switzerland, chances are high that this is the first time you are coming across this word. Never mind that, we are here to give you a history-geography about this fun activity. Tobogganing is an adventure sport which involves sliding down snowy mountain slopes on a sledge. It is easier than skiing and does not require any formal training or experience as such. Plus, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages including the children and the adults. One cannot contest the thrill which accompanies the few seconds of the downhill journey. So, no doubt, a Switzerland tour package is trying to include this slice of adventure to give the tourists a lot more fun than they had bargained for.

In a writer’s parlance, it can be said that tobogganing is a marriage between zorbing and skiing. Just like zorbing, it involves a free fall, albeit not in a hollow ball. And just like skiing, it takes place over mounds of snow. Naturally, Swiss mountains are just awesome for this sporting activity. Swiss Alpine enjoys healthy snow throughout the year. So, tobogganing can be enjoyed anytime, both during summer and winter. Of course, some people prefer the winter time to tour this destination when all the snowy activities take place with full gusto.

Tobogganing can also be a long affair, instead of the short burst of fun which may leave you begging for more. The long stretches of snowy slopes in Switzerland have made it possible for the organizers to chalk out routes that can extend over many kilometers. Needless to say, this is one activity which you would be a fool to miss out on. Saastal Valley is famous for offering very long runs and even though they can leave you empty in the pockets, the experience will be the one to savor for the rest of your life.

Zermatt is another region which is very famous for all kinds of mountain sports including tobogganing.

As for the safety quotient, the sport is pretty harmless as long as you are following the instructions. However, minor injuries may occur if there are collisions with others or in case the person tumbles over and rolls down the slope. But chances of you turning dead are pretty slim, since the thick slabs of snow will cushion you against all odds. So, just chillax and start looking for best tour in the Alpine-drenched areas of Europe!

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