The Smallest and Oldest Pubs in England

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If you’re in England and you want to check out some of the oldest and most historic pubs in the country, look no further than The Nutshell, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, The Eagle & Child and The Eagle: 







Image from: The Nutshell Pub

The Nutshell: (Bury St. Edmunds, East Anglia) This tiny little pub–and I stress little. Has the distinction of being the smallest in England. Seriously, more than 5 people and someone needs to drink outside.








Image from: Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem: (Nottingham, Midlands) There is some debate about it, but this Nottingham-based pub could be the oldest existing pub in England and is built in a cave and has catacombs. Debate over, this place is olde!!!








Image from: Eagle and Child Pub

The Eagle and Child: (Oxford)  JRR Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to throw back ales here and there are old framed pages signed by them. Do you need more of a reason to check this place out!?








Image from: The Eagle

The Eagle: (Cambridge) Interesting fact about this pub: When the biologists Watson and Crick discovered DNA, they came to this place to celebrate. Announcing that they had “unlock the mysteries of life” over beers. While you’re there check out all the old WWII fighter pilot memorabilia as this area is known for a hangout for the Royal Air Force of a bygone era.


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