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Born in Park Ridge, Illinois. Rick has lived in the Chicago area for much of his life. In his early twenties, determined to see the world, he set out to backpack clockwise around the Mediterranean Sea. By working several part-time jobs including construction, he saved his money and started off on a journey that would begin in Greece and, months later, end in Morocco. This journey left him with an insatiable travel bug that sent him to far flung countries of the world. Whether it is a home stay with a family in Russia, teaching English in Japan or visiting friends in Ecuador, Rick has come to see travel as a learning experience. Today, as the father of two small children, Rick does not travel as much but aspires to post some of his travel musings on Travelsages.com with the hopes of sharing some travel wisdom that he has experienced. He works as a web and mobile app designer in the north suburbs of Chicago.

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