Must-Know Lodging Tips, No Matter Where You’re Going

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Finding the right lodging for your weekend getaway or dream vacation can be challenging at best, a downright nightmare at its worst. No matter what your destination, check out these tips to help you decide on where to hit the hay. 

Location, location, location

Where are you headed, and what does your itinerary include? Non-stop shopping or historical sightseeing? Is it a walkable city, or do you have several destinations on your list that require a car? If you’re planning on hitting the town on foot, try to find lodging near public transit stops or in the heart of the action. It’s well worth the extra dollars sometimes for a centrally-located place. If you’re rocking out the rental car and headed out on the road, it’s more convenient to be located near the highway or with properties that have affordable and accessible parking.

Walk on the wild side

Planning a long, 5+ day stay? Headed somewhere with a large group of friends? Try checking out vacation rental websites, like,, or You can find better rates per night than standard hotels most of the time, and if you’re in a big group, a vacation rental gives you the space everyone needs to avoid homicidal tendencies during a long trip. Parents with kids can also get a chance to sleep in—the kids can watch cartoons in the living room instead of the end of the bed, volume blaring. The other upside is that vacation rental owners are wonderful guides to the area, and will be happy to answer questions you might have about dining, nightlife, and can’t-miss attractions!

Finding a great rate

With the advent of the internet, finding hot hotel rates has never been easier. A few tips on booking online: 1. Online “specials” are non-refundable, meaning that you will never see that money again. It’s the price you pay for the rate you pay. Try calling the hotel directly, telling them the online rate you found, and see what rate they can offer you. Sometimes they can get within $10-20, and if something comes up, you’re not out any money. Also, if you’re staying more than two nights, it behooves them to offer a slightly-reduced rate due to the guaranteed income. 2. Hotels have large “room blocks” reserved in their hotels for large groups: weddings, conventions, etc. These blocks get “released” back into the hotel’s room inventory about 3-4 weeks before those groups arrive. So, if you have a very specific hotel property in mind, but it’s sold out, try calling every week from about a month out. Make sure you are signed up for your favorite hotel brand’s loyalty rewards program, too—there are always specials going on that give you double or triple the room points during certain time periods, which translate into free rooms later!

Finally, remember that when you’re on vacation, you’re not really in your room that much. Book accordingly! 

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