London New Year’s Eve Clash

Looking for something other than champagne and idle chatter this New Year’s? Want more excitement than watching televised fireworks? How about getting down to the sounds of eight big club brands all in one place?

Courtesy of Seedy Sonics
Courtesy of Seedy Sonics

Lucky for you Londoners, just such an event is happening on New Year’s Eve. For the New Year’s Eve Clash, 2,000 beautiful people will come together in one of London’s freshest warehouse venues to listen to the best in high quality ‘heavyweight champion sounds’ from eight DJ collaborations. I’ve had the pleasure to meet the handsome Seedy Sonics boys (helping put on the event),and they don’t mess around when it comes to parties. Expect to be dazzled at this New Year’s Eve party, which will feel more like a festival than a rave; funds will be put into top-of-the-range sound, futuristic lighting and pyrotechnics that have been promised to be better than anywhere else. A nod to years gone by is provided in the form of a full-scale roller disco and a ball-pit for some late night, albeit unsavory, tomfoolery.

Hosting this epic entrance to 2014 is the Renaissance Rooms on Miles Street, Vauxhall. With Vauxhall quickly emerging as one of London’s hot spots for the booming warehouse rave scene, the area is sure to be alive with happy party-goers. The event boasts sounds from around the world, including bass, disco, hip-hop, house and rhythm and blues.

In this case, Central London party doesn’t mean Central London drink prices. Drinks will be very reasonably priced; almost half the price of your standard London drinks pricing, so you can carry on the party throughout the night. Even better, transport in and out of Vauxhall is a breeze as the Tube is running all night long.

Get tickets now! Or be stuck watching the ball drop on your television.

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