Lima: The Gastronomy Capital of Peru

If you’re a food aficionado, then Lima, the capital of Peru, is your destination. Lima is known as the Gastronomy capital of South America. You will feast on Ceviche (a raw fish salad that makes you immediately second-guess sushi as the ultimate medium of consuming raw fish.) You can find many ceviche shops around the Mira Flores District. Cebecheria la Mar and El Paz Amigo were two of my favorites, but if somehow you find the time and the time finds you, check out Javier Wong per the advice of the great food connoisseur, Anthony Bourdain.

If you relish Chinese food, then you must indulge in some Peruvian-Chinese fusion, locally called “Chifa.” With over one-million Chinese immigrants living in Peru, you’ll find a Chifa on nearly every corner. If you’re out late one night in the San Isidro Financial District, then make sure you stop by San Joy Lau. If you salivate at the sight of meat, but your cholesterol levels don’t favor a carnivorous diet, then you’re in luck—Alpaca meat is tender and cholesterol free. Your food experience in Lima will have your taste buds resurrected, as you’ll finally be able to endeavor in heir-loomed produce, because—fun fact—Monsanto is banned in Peru. The Empanadas sold by street vendors cost under a dollar because the food is locally sourced.

Drink or chew on coca leaves for nutrition, vitality, and to alleviate altitude sickness (just don’t bring any back, unless you want to be locked up under our draconian drug laws.)  Quinoa has become such a beloved and bountiful staple, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 the “International Year of the Quinoa.” This protein-rich grain was harvested and consumed by ancient Incan warriors prior to commencing battle. Today, it’s served at Protein Bar for you to refuel for the afternoon.


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