Gibson’s, BC: Beautiful Scenery and Farm-to-Beer Brewing

I’m not going to say ‘this is one of our favorite places we’ve been’ because I seem to say that in every post. However, we enjoyed our experience in Gibson’s so much that we are hoping to eventually find property in a place exactly like where we stayed. Gibson’s is the ‘sunshine coast’ of Canada, and a short 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. The peninsula, which is only reachable by boat or plane despite being connected to the mainland, has hiking and scenery easily on par with Vancouver Island, but it is a bit more ‘hippy.’ Below are two of my favorite spots on the island.

Must-Sees on Gibson’s, BC

I’ll start with a disclaimer. There are a LOT of must-sees on Gibson’s. My goal here was to focus narrowly on a few cool spots that I know fellow roamers / nomads will enjoy, and that are dog-friendly, which isn’t easy to find in Canada.

Persephone Farm-to-Beer Brewing

This is one of the most unique establishments I’ve ever seen. Persephone is a working organic farm that uses their crops to brew beer, create the food sold in the food truck, and then sell in the brewery. It has a massive outdoor area with a lot of sections, including: a fire ring; unique play areas for kids; picnic tables; the farm itself; a forest and pond; huge flower gardens; foosball; a food truck; and an entire Farmer’s Market section on Sundays (of course this is all seasonal). The beer and fresh food were excellent, and they were laid-back and dog-friendly, which are our main requirements for a good time.

Farm-to-Beer Gibson's BC TravelSages Flower Persephone Brewing

Persephone Brewing Farm-to-Beer Gibson's BC TravelSages

Robert’s Creek Provincial Park Campground

Although many people will tell you Porpoise Bay and other campgrounds are better than Robert’s Creek, we chose to spend a week here in lieu of other beachfront spots. Why? Because it was closer to groceries and restaurants and it was more dog-friendly. At $20 CAD per night, the price isn’t bad. Sites are in old growth rainforest, so your solar will struggle a bit, but there is running water where you can wash dishes and bathe (no showers; you have to use a spigot with cold water) and vault toilets. Plus everyone is really friendly about dogs, which is important for us. Although you aren’t beachfront, there are two trails that lead you to the beach. The one through the forest is a great off-leash walking path for dogs.

Beach at Robert's Creek Provincial Park Campground TravelSag

Robert's Creek Provincial Park Campground TravelSages Dog Sleeping

Robert's Creek Provincial Park Campground TravelSages

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