Clearwater, Florida on a Budget

Traveling in style at luxury resorts may appeal to your mind, however this type may not appeal so much to your wallet. You would be surprised at how many wonderful places you can travel, and still have fun, while not breaking the bank. Clearwater, Florida is one of those places. Clearwater offers year-round endless supply of entertainment, natural beauty, and outdoor activities.


  • Shop locally and make your own meals!

Find farmers markets or local fruit stands,. Not only is this friendly on your wallet, but it also supports the local community.

  • Make your own food!

Quick and easy blossoming tomato with tuna salad. Total cost $2.50USD. Making your own food can save you a ton of money. Get creative, have a picnic, try local recipes, or only eat out one meal a day; preferably at lunch when they usually have specials and small portions available, or split and entrée.


  • Clearwater is very accessible by bike or by foot. Ride share companies like Uber and Lyft are also available. There is also a local Jolley Trolley which services the beaches.


Surrounded by resorts, white sand, artwork, and entertainment. Enjoy stunning views of the gulf coast.

Sunshine, turquoise water, and miles of beautiful white sand, need I say more.

Right in the middle of the island. Great place to watch the sunset in one of the largest sandboxes.

A premier urban trail, stretching 34 miles from Tarpon Springs to St. Petersburg, the trail links some of Pinellas County’s most picturesque parks, scenic coastal areas and residential neighborhoods.


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