Asheville NC – Must Try Brews and Breweries

Asheville was the first stop on our truck camping adventure – and it was so awesome that it was nearly the last! We checked out as many breweries as we could, and diligently noted our favorite craft beers. Below is my compilation of ‘must try’ breweries and beers in this great city.

Note – My favorite types of beer are Belgian IPAs, flavorful double IPAs, black IPAs (see a pattern?), and good Belgians. So, my recommendations will skew toward these types of beers. Apologies to lovers of other types of brew!

Thirsty Monk Brewery

Although there are a few Thirsty Monk locations in Asheville (and 2 more locations in Denver and Portland), we only stopped at the one in downtown Asheville. Consisting of a top craft beer bar with a massive selection of unique craft brews (including IPAs), and a bottom Belgian-focused bar, it truly felt like you were in a centuries old European pub.

Favorite Craft Beers: Tricky Monk Belgian Tripel & Must Love Coconut IPA (This is a rotating specialty beer that isn’t always on tap).

Archetype Brewery

Archetype is an excellent place to hang for a bit and try some great brews. The taproom is a large, open-format warehouse that hosts regular live music, events, and activities. It also has a large outdoor space. While we were there, a small band of musicians formed and began playing traditional Scottish music. It was awesome, and made us very nostalgic for the Highlands!

Favorite Craft Beers: Belgian Black (Dark) Ale (but I also liked the Tripel and Strong Ales).

Wicked Weed Brewery

This is a classic Asheville Brewpub, and must-see spot – complete with large, outdoor, dog-friendly patio. It also has a full restaurant, which is welcome since many breweries don’t have food (or have very limited options).

Favorite Craft Beer: Pernicious IPA (This was a very good IPA, but probably my least favorite out of this list).

Wicked Weed Funkatorium

This is Wicked Weed’s funky, experimental side. It has nothing but extremely unique sour beers. The space is super cool – it even has a large back room with a stage where it regularly hosts concerts. It’s a great spot to expand your palette and catch a show.

Favorite Craft Beer: Oaxacan Sour (This was surprisingly awesome, but my assumption is that a place like this rotates its beers frequently).

Asheville Brewing

This is another classic Asheville brewpub with a massive outdoor, dog-friendly patio, great beers, and excellent food.

Favorite Craft Beer: Perfect Night Black IPA.

Hi-Wire Brewing

This was a really cool spot with an ultra-trendy warehouse vibe. The music was excellent, and there were old school video games and pinball for entertainment. If you like sours, this brewery (along with Funkatorium) specializes in them.

Favorite Craft Beer: Mosaic IPA.

I’ll end by noting that you can’t go wrong with any brewery you check out in Asheville. I don’t think ‘bros’ exist there, and each spot felt like it was plucked straight from the trendiest neighborhood of any major city. So if you like good beer, excellent food (and lots of vegetarian options), good live music, patios, and trendy warehouses with European vibes, Asheville is your spot. Oh – and did I mention it’s extremely affordable?

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